VoNDA: Visualization of Network DAta

VoNDA allows for interactive visualization of heterogeneous data sets. This is very useful for (i) data interpretation, (ii) generation of high-quality figures for scientific publications or presentations, and (iii) for teaching purposes. Visualization is done via specific SVG network file which are relatively easy to generate for simple models. FAME, the online Flux Analysis and Modeling Environment, also supports these SVG network files.


  • July 2015: VonDA is now also available at GitHub: https://github.com/tmd200/VoNDA
  • Augustus 2014: VonDA 0.6 is now available for Python 2.6+ and 3.4+
  • Augustus 2014: The SVG files are now provided in different serif ans sans-serif fonts
  • March 2014: Plant Physiology manuscript, Maarleveld et al. 2014 - A Data Integration and Visualization Resource for the Metabolic Network of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

  • VoNDa's features

  • SVG network description
  • Visualization of computational and experimental data sets (fluxes, metabolites, transcriptomics)
  • Allows for interactive modeling
  • Usable as a library (can be intergrated into e.g. CBMPy and COBRApy)
  • Easy extensible
  • open-source Python package
  • Multi-Platform
  • User-Friendly

  • Links

  • VoNDA's User Guide (pdf)
  • Download VoNDA
  • CBMPy' Homepage
  • FAME with Synechocystis implementation

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